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Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga is an incorporated non-profit organisation and a charity that has been founded primarily for the benefit of the Czech and Slovak community living in the area of Bay of Plenty and Waikato, New Zealand. Our society is inclusive and anybody can join, regardless of nationality, age, creed or cultural background.

The purpose of the club is:

  1. To maintain good relations amongst members of the Czech and Slovak communities in New Zealand and promote friendship with New Zealand people, as well as building reputation by promoting Czech culture, language and heritage to the public;
  2. To provide open and public education in Czech and Slovak culture and language, through a structured language programme run by the Society;
  3. To maintain contact with similar organisations in New Zealand and abroad;

Our main project  is Czech School for children with Czech or Slovak background, living in the area of Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Apart form that we organise cultural events and activities for members of the club. In 2015 we publicly performed at the Multicultural festival in Tauranga with traditional dances and songs.

We cooperate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Czech Republic, Czech School without Borders and other community organisations.


We run a playgroup and a school age classes focused on providing education in Czech and Slovak culture and language.

There are additional events that we have organised, taking place away from the classroom in order to encourage our children to develop deeper learning, practice their vocabulary with their peers and to learn some new life skills.

Highlights were:


It is very important to us to pass our heritage and traditions down to our children and have them understand the significance of customs, such as Mikuláš (St. Nicholas’ Day), Velikonoce (Easter) or Burning of Witches. Many of these are unique to our homelands or markedly different in style to the Anglo-Saxon style.

So, if you would like to try your hand in decorating Easter eggs and making pomlázka or try traditional folk dance, be sure to follow our social calendar for upcoming events.

Pick of Past Events

  • Puppet Show
  • Mikuláš
  • Multicultural festival
  • Jazz band
  • Easter
  • and many more…


Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga serves as a focal point for many expats in the community. If you are new to the area and wish to connect with other people of Czech or Slovak background, speak to us and we will help. For many it is like finding home, away from home.

Throughout the calendar year we organise a number of activities that help to gel the community together. There are events for families, as well “adults only”.

Very successful social functions in the past, most of which are bound to be repeated were:

  • Movie night
  • Hog roast
  • Burning of Witches
  • “O sexu, převážně nevážně!” Dr. Radim Uzel and Pepa Štross
  • Ski camp
  • and many others

Would you like to see something new on the social calendar?
Let us know.

Organising Team

Frank Tomas Grapl Jr.

+64 (0) 2108058368
Member - klara-luxfordrulisek

Klara Luxford Rulisek

Team Member and Teacher

Vacant Position

Events Coordinator

Kamila Lyons

Team Member and Playgroup Teacher

Lenka Andel

General Secretary

Martina Balasova

Financial Officer



The role of the organising team is to oversee the management of the club’s affairs on behalf of its members. New members can be nominated by club’s members and be elected at Team meetings.


We have some great opportunities for new volunteers. No experience necessary, all you need is a healthy dose of enthusiasm.


We’re always looking for enthusiastic people to join our team


Membership Rules

Society membership

Types of Members

  • Membership is open to any person of Czech or Slovak descent or any person irrespective of his/her descent who is contributing to the activities of the club.

Admission of Members

  • To become a Member, a person (“the Applicant”) must apply to any Team member of the Society and submitted by him to the Team, who shall have complete discretion when it decides whether or not to allow the Applicant to become a Member without assigning any reason. The Team shall advise the Applicant of its decision.
  • The applicant must supply in writing his/her name, postal address, email and any other details that might be required, to the General Secretary.

The Register of Members

  • The General Secretary shall keep a register of Members (“the Register”), which shall contain the names and the postal addresses of all Members, and the dates at which they became Members.
  • If a Member’s contact details change, that Member shall give the new postal address to the Secretary.

Cessation of Membership

  • Any Member may resign by giving written notice to the General Secretary.
  • Owing to expulsion due to actions prejudicial to the Club. Each case of expulsion shall be specially decreed by The Chair.

Obligations of Members

  • All Members (and Team Members) shall do nothing to bring the Society into disrepute.

View full rules.

Why Join us?

  • Members receive information about upcoming events and priority reservations before publishing on Facebook and the website. For example, a ski camp, a summer camp, etc
  • As a member you will have reduced admission fees for events organized by the club;
  • Members can borrow books from our library for free. Within the library, we are working on a new collaboration where the number of free titles for both small and adult readers will be significantly increased;
  • We provide school and kindergarten for children, financially and organizationally;
  • We can apply for financial support, for our school and playgroup and cultural events listed above and rent community premises at discounted rates;
  • Without the clubs and your membership, we would not be able to host events such as film festivals, artists, singers and musicians;
  • We make new friends, people you understand, we have the same sense of humor or hobbies;
  • We are making a new business connection: networking;
  • Finally, your membership gives us the confidence that you are interested in events we organise and it gives us the enthusiasm to do something new!


If you would like to become a club member Register here. . The whole process will not take a minute, as we only require basic info. If you want to register a partner or a husband/wife, you can do so in the same form.


Charitable Taxation Statement

Czech and Slovak Club- Charitable Taxation

PDF, 101kB, English

In order to read a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your computer. You can download it at the Adobe website.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – 2nd April 2017

Management Meeting Minutes – 30th November 2015

Management Meeting Minutes – 19th October 2015

Management Meeting Minutes – 31st August 2015

Management Committee Meeting Minutes from Thursday 27th July 2015

Management Committee Meeting Minutes
from Thursday 07th July 2015;

President’s summary of events past, present and future for May and June 2015.

AGM Meeting Minutes from 11th May 2015.

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Bank Details

For all your banking needs with the club, such as payment of:

  • Registration fees
  • Event tickets payments
  • Summer or winter camps
  • or Donations

Bank: Kiwi Bank
Account name: Czech & Slovak Club Tauranga
Account number: 38-9014-0327371-00

Help us avoid additional processing fees by sending us your donation by online bank transfer.
Should you wish to pay via other means, please contact our Treasurer on treasurer@csclubtauranga.nz.

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    School and Playgroup

    Czech and Slovak School and Playgroup
    Tauranga Boys’ College
    Devonport Rd.

    Driving directions →


    Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga Incorporated
    Po Box 531
    Rotorua, 3040

    Prefer Talking?

    Tel: +64 (0)2108058368

    School and Playgroup Location

    August 2013: Exhibition of Josef Lada

    Lada Exhibition

    National treasure – books by Josef Lada

    Josef Lada exhibition held at Alimento Cafe.

    Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga in co-operation with ACSET Trust Auckland, held an exhibition of the Czech painter and author Josef Lada at the Alimento Cafe, our thanks go to Lucie and Dan for organising the venue.

    Josef Lada was a Czech painter and writer. He is best known as the illustrator of Jaroslav Hašek’s World War One novel The Good Soldier Švejk.

    March 2013: A New Teacher Joins School

    School with Klara

    Klara Luxford Rulisek with her pupils.

    Our primary school welcomes a new teacher, Klara.

    Klara Luxford-Rulíšek takes over teaching of the Czech classes from Dana. Klara is a qualified Czech primary school teacher.

    This is a welcome break for Dana, who can now concentrate on other club ventures.

    March 2013: Czech Easter

    Czech Easter

    Boys are practising their skill at making ‘pomlázka’ (a whip).

    Everyone enjoyed egg painting, easter whip making, Judas bread…

    We have introduced this slightly controversial tradition in Tauranga. Considering that there are no-smacking-children laws in New Zealand, we had to tone down our traditions. Everyone enjoyed egg painting, easter whip making, Judas bread baking and even european hot dogs (frankfurters) were served.

    January 2013: Our First Summer Camp

    Summer camp Opoutere 2014

    Summer camp Opoutere 2014

    We’re going on our first Summer Camp. Taking place in Opoutere, Coromandel. We were joined by 6 children and 3 adults. Held at a beautiful location of a YHA hostel. We couldn’t have picked a better location. Close to the beach and the forest, with spectacular views right from our accommodation.

    Although mum’s were a bit anxious leaving their husbands behind, it proved to be a great success, and an foundation for camps in years to come.

    December 2012: Little Mole Exhibition

    Krtek Exhibition

    Little mole exhibition in Tauranga.

    We are hosting Krtek (little mole) in Tauranga in co-operation with Czech Embassy in Sydney.

    Thanks go to the Bohemia Tattoo Arts studio for lending us their premises to stage the event.

    December 2012: St Nicolas Day

    St Nicholas

    Pepino is being ‘saved’ by the lovely angel.

    St Nicolas in tow with an Angel and a Devil.

    Whilst it’s not our first St. Nicolas day that we celebrated with our friends and families, it is the first event we have invited wide public to.

    As it is customary we are joined by St Nicolas with an Angel and a Devil. Thankfully, the Devil takes no children away.

    November 2012: Committee Election and Incorporation


    Executive committee (from left) – Jana Bennett, Jana Heller, Jana Benfell and Dana Dunford.

    The club is run by a committee. This was an easy task as everyone fitted in perfectly with their existing skills: Dana as the Chair, Jana Bennett taking on the role of a secretary, Jana Benfell’s love of orderly accounting suited perfectly to the role of a treasurer, and Jana Heller, our creative soul to write a chronicle.

    Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga Incorporated, a charitable organisation … is born.

    Our main activity is Czech School with more things to come soon.

    Incorporation as a non-profit organisation gives us the opportunity to grow the club. We’re now eligible for grants from the government and other organisations, such as the BayTrust.

    We also gain a Charitable Organisation status from Charities NZ, which gains us further benefits via tax credits, GST exemptions and others.

    October 2012: New Logo is Drawn

    old logo

    Czech and Slovak club get s a new identity.

    Our creative genius, Jana Heller draws our new logo.

    Jana Heller, draws our beautiful logo, representing amalgamation of national symbols of both Czech/ Slovak people and local kiwi culture. Czech and Slovak flag is represented with red, blue and white colours.

    A bow to our new adopted land is pictured in the form of a fern leaf turning into a kiwi bird, towering over a local landmark, the Mt. Maunganui.

    An executive committee is the engine behind a newly formed club.

    End of September 2012: First Fund Raiser

    fund raiser

    Our first fundraiser

    We try our hand at raising funds selling donuts. It’s a great experience.

    We have a lot of ides for the school and club, but little money to pay for it all. So, we decide that a fund raiser is the way to go.

    We setup a stall outside the Arataki Community Centre for a community day. Our donuts are a hit with the locals.

    End of September 2012: New School Open Doors

    Czech School at Arataki

    Czech School is moving, to Arataki Community Centre

    We’re moving out of Dana’s garage into larger premises and a proper classroom at the Arataki Community Centre.

    Our classes are now taking place at the Kingfisher room. It’s nice and with plenty more room for new pupils.

    We’re now meeting for a couple of hours every Sunday .

    September 2012: It All began in a Garage

    School in a garage

    First pupils of the Czech School Tauranga

    The school was founded by Dana Dunford in September 2012.

    She decided to teach her children Czech language in accordance with Czech republic primary school curriculum. She was joined by Jana Heller, Jana Bennett, Jana Benfell and Lucie Zednikova with their kids.

    It became instantly apparent that Dana’s garage is too small for eight children. After a consultation with a Czech school in Wellington it was decided to find more appropriate space for school and to register the Czech club as a recognised organisation.

    End of September 2012: New School Open Doors

    Czech School at Arataki

    Czech School is moving, to Arataki Community Centre

    We’re moving out of Dana’s garage into larger premises and a proper classroom at the Arataki Community Centre.

    Our classes are now taking place at the Kingfisher room. It’s nice and with plenty more room for new pupils.

    We’re now meeting for a couple of hours every Sunday .

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