Investice do vědění nesou nejvyšší úrok.
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Language Classes


Lessons at our school are based on method of total immersion, when child is during the school activities in a totally Czech speaking environment. Albeit, in our Playgroup we also introduce aspects of Slovak language, especially songs and rhymes.

The purpose is that children, when they grow up, can speak Czech, write Czech, read Czech and are aware of Czech and Slovak culture and heritage.

Most children of the school come from bilingual marriages, where one parent is of a Czech/Slovak heritage. The child is therefore exposed to Czech or Slovak language from birth.


Caters for children from birth to 5 years

Lessons led by a trained playgroup teacher

Based on early childhood curriculum Te Whariki and Czech School Without Borders philosophy

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Aimed at children 5+ years

Lessons taught by a qualified Czech teacher

Based on Czech School Without Borders curriculum and taught in Czech language

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Read about the history of Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga. How it all began.