Playgroup Philosophy

We believe:

To learn and develop, a child must be in a secure and happy environment. This is enhanced with the support of warm, caring and well trained teachers. Children are stimulated by a well prepared and carefully designed curriculum. Our lessons provide opportunities for children (and parents) to socialise and communicate in common language in a playful positive environment. Children learn language and new skills.

Lessons for Czech Playgroup (Česká Školka) are based on the New Zealand early childhood curriculum Te Whariki (MoE 1996), and Czech School Without Borders philosophy.

Lessons at our playgroup are based on method of total immersion, when during the school activities children are in a totally Czech speaking environment.

total immersion

noun: total immersion

  • complete mental involvement in something.
    “the opportunity for total immersion in the language and culture”

Meeting other children of the same cultural background gives children the sense of “belonging”. Being a part of a larger group reinforces the reason to learn the “mother tongue” and will further enhance their engagement.

Beyond that children will grow up being able to communicate with their distant families in the Czech republic and they will become aware of their Czech culture and heritage.

Our admission policy is there shall be no child excluded from the program, regardless of his/her nationality, ethnicity or ability.

Our playgroup is suitable for children from birth to 6 years old. Depending on abilities and personal preference, children around the age of 5 years old can graduate to the Czech School class, which is run simultaneously.

Lessons are led by a trained teacher. At least one of the child’s parent (guardian) must attend the lessons and active participation of parent(s) is desirable.

The lessons provide opportunities for children (and parents) to socialise and communicate in common language in a playful positive environment. Children learn language and new skills.

When and Where

When: Every Sunday*
Time: 10am – 12 noon
Where: Tauranga Boys’ College, 13th Ave, Tauranga

*Except school holidays and public holidays. See calendar for details.

You are more than welcome to join us for a taster class, so you can experience our lessons and meet other parents with their children in person. After all, the most powerful way of learning is through social contact with other people and we want you have the confidence that your child is going to enjoy their time here.


Kamila Lyons

Playgroup Teacher

Katerina Flekova

Aja Hansen

Aja Hansen


Safe Environment for Your Children

Our ECEEarly Childhood Education teachers have been police vetted in accordance with the Vulnerable Children Act (VCA) 2014 in order to enhance the safety and competency of professionals who work with children. Learn more  

In addition Kamila Lyons is a qualified First Aider in line with requirements of Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008. 


Ceska Skolka Playgroup is certified to provide playgroup environment under the Ministry of Education of New Zealand in accordance with Education (Playgroups) Regulations 2008. Registration number 46653.

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Lesson Structure

Each lesson at our playgroup follows a similar pattern with a changing theme, where every week we introduce a new topic.

  • Welcome (each child is welcomed individually)
  • Physical exercise
  • Songs, rhymes, music
  • Art
  • Activity
  • Free play
  • Farewell
Children learning is documented in child’s portfolio.

Characteristics of the Learning Plan

The main focus for pre-schoolers, is extending their vocabulary and fluency in expressing themselves. Children are taught to use correct grammar when speaking. Children’s interests are extended in field of art, music, nature, and physical skills. Children learn about traditional Czech celebrations and traditions.

Lesson Themes:

  • Time and me
  • My body and me
  • People around me and me
  • My home and me
  • Nature and me
  • Story and me

Expected Learning Outcomes

At the end of the pre-school age, child will be able to:

  • Listens to a spoken word (speech of a teacher) and can interpret the plot in its own words or express in art.
  • Can talk about pictures it sees or tell a story they represent.
  • Can name most objects around him/her.
  • Can act a short story when given a plot.
  • Can communicate using words and nonverbal communication.
  • Can sing songs, tell rhymes, stories.
  • Can create a rhyme.
  • Understands simple jokes and quizzes.
  • Can recognise and tell simple synonyms, homonyms and antonyms.
  • Can recognise simple pictograms, symbols, traffic signs, warning signs.
  • Knows greetings, polite manners, can form questions.
  • Can lead a conversation (observes conversation rules).
  • Uses its fantasy, can express himself.
  • Can express its feelings.
  • Is interested in books, knows most classic Czech stories.
  • Pronounces words correctly, uses correct punctuation in spoken language as well as appropriate tone of language.
  • Can move his eyes from left to right when following an object.
  • Can recognise some letters and numbers, can recognise some written words, like mom, and can recognise his own first name.
  • Can recognise first and last syllables in words by listening.
  • Can write his own first name.
  • Can hold pencil correctly.


Plan dated: 1/2/2015
Reviewed: annually
Created by: Dana Dunford, Kamila Lyons, Jana Bennett.

Parents' Feedback

We encourage your feedback to our teaching plan and topics covered.
Please let us know if there are any new songs we should include, things that your child likes or dislikes or activities you’d like to see included as a part of the lesson.

Feedback Form

Lesson Plans

Lesson plan from 15th February 2015
Today’s Topic: Voda (Water)

Lesson plan from 1st February 2015
Today’s Topic: Sluníčko (Sun)



New students will pay $15 one-off enrolment fee. There is an ongoing fee of $20/per term per child over 1 year of age. This fee can is tax deductible and you will receive a confirmation from our Financial officer before the end of the tax year.

Registration fee is used to partly cover:

  • Administration
  • Learning material
  • Student’s workbook

Please note that activities taking place outside standard classes at the Tauranga Boys’ College might attract additional fee.

Please fill-in the form below to register your child(ren).

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