Several enthusiastic volunteers who would like to join and help with a diverse range of activities for the Czech and Slovak community.


Nothing is set in stone, it all depends what you would like to try. We appreciate any help.

Certain experience in the following areas is welcome, but the most important is a healthy dose of enthusiasm:

  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Admin staff
  • Financial Controller
  • Manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Event coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Leader in Scout/Guiding organisation or similar
  • Editor or journalist

Organising an event usually requires:

  • Coming up with an idea for an event, unless we’re doing a regular thing
  • Finding locations and dates, booking and organising a payment
  • Promotion – graphic design of a leaflet, Facebook post, web update, poster
  • Admin of bookings
  • Financial Processing and Evaluation
  • Sometimes Fundraising


As a volunteer organisation, our organising team works for free. Our success is the success of the events we are preparing.

If you are staying here at Work Holidays Visa, experience in organizing events or administration is the ideal springboard for next employment upon your return to the Czech Republic / Slovak Republic. For employers, it is much more interesting to have a professional experience than a perfect skill in kiwi sorting (we do not mean that kiwi harvest can not be your life mission …).



Czech and Slovak Club Tauranga is a registered nonprofit and charity organization that works for the benefit of the Czech and Slovak communities living in Bay of Plenty and Waikato.


As part of teaching the Czech language we run a playgroup for children from birth to 6 years of age and children of school age.

During the calendar year, we organize a range of activities for our community. We organize events for families with children as well as for adults.

In the past years we have organized: Film performances, campfire, burning witches, “O sexu, převážně nevážně!” Dr. Radim Uzel and Pepa Štross, Guitar Party, Ski camp, Summer Children’s Camp, Easter, Mikuláš and much more.


  • We support the activities of Czech Playgroup and School
  • We are contactable as an organization for other state and private organizations.
  • Without a club, interesting celebrities and events such as film festivals, artists, singers, actors and musicians will not come to perform for us.
  • We can apply for financial support, for playgroup, school and above-mentioned cultural events and hire community spaces at discounted rates.
  • We make new friendships between ourselves, with people who have the same sense of humor or hobbies.
  • We make new business connections: networking!
  • We exchange ideas and experiences.
  • Volunteers gain new work experience and practice. Upon request, we can produce references for your next job application.
  • Team Benefits: Children of parents in the organizing team will have their tuition fees halved, those without children, will pay only half price to all our events!.


We thought you would! Sign up to get started.


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    S ČÍM BYSTE RÁDI POMOHLI? (vyžadováno)


    Volunteering FAQs

    Why become a volunteer?

    Help others

    As a volunteer, you can offer your helping hand to those who really need it. You can also help create something beneficial or innovative. It then depends only on you, which particular project will interest you and where you will want to devote your time and energy.

    Develop yourself.

    Volunteering can also have many benefits for the volunteer himself. Thanks to volunteering, you can, for example, meet interesting people or visit places, develop your language skills or gain experience that you can also use in your professional career.

    No matter how old you are

    Young person or more experienced, both are valued. You can be a volunteer at any time.

    I’m here with Working Holiday Visa, can I help?

    Absolutely! Our club organizes a variety of activities throughout the year. Some are longer-lasting, such as Dance rehearsals for the Multicultural Festival and some just one-day events, such as the Easter celebration. Hence, the range of assistance also varies from one day to several weeks. Working Holiday Visa does not matter and we will be glad to get involved in any extent.

    CV and references

    According to many employers, volunteering looks good in your resume, especially if you are applying to a company that values social responsibility or conducts charitable activities. Many larger organisations particularly focus on individuals that have an experience in volunteering. So don’t miss out.
    We will provide you a reference for future employers. We are proud to say that our previous volunteers have often been successful in receiving a job offer after working with us.

    What next?

    Please fill in the registration form, detailing your name, contact information and type of activity you are interested in. We will let you know what to do next.

    Do you have any promotional material?

    If you would like to distribute the promotional leaflets to your friends, download our volunteering flyer (in czech language).
    Your Club Needs You